Thursday, April 12, 2012

White Star Line Dining

The White Star Line was a British company. The Titanic was the second of three ships to be built that were to be the biggest of the time. The first ship built was the Olympic and the second was the Titanic. The third was to be called the Gigantic, but the proposed name was changed to Britannic after the Titanic tragedy.

At the exhibition, we were able to buy replica pieces of the dishes used aboard Titanic. Below is an egg cup used in first class. These passengers would have eaten in the first-class dining saloon. Things like grilled mutton chops and garden soup were served for lunch.

Third-class passengers ate from plates that looked like the one below. Note the absence of gold trim and detailed patterns. They had less fancy food choices also, like rice soup and boiled potatoes.

I think I hear the bugler playing. Dinner must be ready!

(Sister ship and food information gathered from: Brewster, Hugh and Laurie Coulter. 882 1/2 Amazing Answers to your Questions about the Titanic. Toronto: Madison Press Books, 1998.)


magie said...

Such a pretty egg cup..what a difference between the design of that and the plain design of the plate. Very interesting..thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

I love your Titanic Week theme! So much mystery and intrigue woven into that tragedy. I toured the Queen Mary many years ago in CA, and really enjoyed seeing the workings of that huge ship. The egg cups are so pretty and how interesting about the differing fares the passengers got. Today they'd call that discrimination :)
Lynn at Cottage and Creek