Saturday, April 14, 2012

What If...

I'm currently watching Titanic, the miniseries by Julian Fellowes. The iceberg has hit. The panic is spreading. The intricacy with which the the relationships are woven together  is compelling.

Whenever I watch or read about Titanic, I'm haunted by all of the "what ifs."

What if they had listened to the ice warnings and stayed put until daytime?

What if the lookout had had his binoculars like he should have?

What if they had gone straight through the iceberg instead of trying to turn the ship?

What if they had decided to go ahead and keep the higher number of lifeboats despite the cluttered look?

What if they had filled all the lifeboats completely?

What if they had told families to stay together?

What if another ship had responded sooner?

All of these questions will remain unanswered. 

This week has been in memory of all of those that went to bed this evening 100 years ago, and tragically did not make it through the night. May they continue to rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

I am so bad about "what-ifs" in every situation. I drive myself crazy sometimes!

Shirley Hatfield said...

I look forward to seeing the mini-series...I love Julian Fellowes! The story of the Titanic has fascinated me my whole life. In my china hutch I have a place setting (reproduction) of the second class china. It's blue and white and I loved it more than the first class. I would probably have been a second class (or maybe lower) passenger anyway. Thank you, Sarah, for such a thoughtful post. =D